Wanderurlaub in Bramberg, Wildkogel Arena
Wanderurlaub in Bramberg, Wildkogel Arena

Hotel Mountain Hike Guides

Free, Guided Hikes with our Hotel Mountain Hike Guides

Günter, Our “Nature Boy“

He loves the peace and quiet of the local mountains and enjoys showing it off to our guests – from mountain-paths and tourist trails to the beautiful untouched corners and peaks of Hohe Tauern and Kitzbühel Alps. He is happy to share his knowledge of the flora and fauna. According to the motto: “The time belongs to those who still see beauty”.

Andrea, Our “Happy Soul“

When she is not on the road on her bike, Andrea is leading our family vacationers to idyllic spots in nature. Most of the time, she has a backcountry highlight ready, for example, fishing, BBQ, or a visit to a farm during your hike. Our convivial Andrea plans her routes so that there is always a nice break at a hut on the way.

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